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Peps Goh Japan Travels 2016 Overview

Peps Goh Japan Travels 2016 Overview

Japan Travelogue 2016 #PepsGoJapan

Japan travels are top of my list of favorite types of holidays. From the people to the sights, and even more so to the impeccable cleanliness in their streets. And definitely the food, you gotta love Japanese cuisines.

Why I Love Travelogues

These travelogue videos were released in dates vastly apart, mostly because these were really tough to churn out. The editing processes of doing a video like these are rather complex. And for myself, it is one of my favorite kinds of videos to edit, despite the amount of effort it demands.

Why that is so, it’s because of this. Doing a free form travel video, there’s little one could do to really plan the end product. You could plan the travel sure, and you could plan the music to be used or the shots you plan to capture, sure.

But really when it comes down to it, when one is in the midst of travel, you take what is available in each given scenario. Maybe the weather is bad, perhaps the location is filled with other tourists. Sometimes half of your entire route is completely changed due to external reasons!

And that is both infuriating yet exciting. The end result could come out incredibly different from what I’d pictured in the beginning. And that’s a good thing! It’s never ever boring, and one’s editing prowess is called into full gear, making sense of the picture, and turning it into comprehensive sequences that can be digested easily for an audience.

At the end of each travel, I would play the music that I had planned to use before I left, and I’ll browse the footage. And I’ll let the sequences piece themselves together at the back of my head. Perhaps about 25% of the entire editing process happens subliminally to be honest.

And I walk away from each edit understanding and remembering my entire trip in a way deeper than I ever could without the medium of video editing. It’s almost like going on my Japan travels twice over!

I absolutely love it.

The Photography of Japan Travels 2016

In this trip, I had the chance to collaborate with Casio, and tried my hand at their FR200 camera. Due to the super-wide angle nature of this FR200 and FR100, I had a lot of fun exploring compositing shots. It requires an unconventional approach to photography that follows none of any methods I had learnt before.Nagoya Palace TopAs you can see here, with the regular lens of a normal camera, I went for an almost artsy shot using generous amounts of negative space for a relaxed feeling composition.

And in contrast, with the super-wide, I could do shots like this that wouldn’t usually be possible. It’s a mix of majestic and surreal.
Yufuin Bebu Misty Lake Japan TravelsBehold!! The money shot of the entire 2016 Japan travels! I’m still pretty proud of it even looking at it today.

You could check out more of these comparison shots between a regular phone camera and a FR200 super-wide angle over here in this FR200 review article I had written, about my user experience of the camera in my Japan travels!

Second Episode

Sometimes I try to include educational elements into my travelogues. In a way so as to not waste the time of the audiences watching my videos. I’d like to hope that the 3-5 minutes of their life they had spent watching what I make, would in a small small way, benefit y’all.

If you had enjoyed these videos, you’ll be happy to know that there are more coming! And I don’t mean my other travel adventures, I mean that I haven’t finished editing all of this trip even 2 years after! Hahaha!

What can I say, work has been hectic! But stay tuned, for they will keep coming. And so, subscribe to my Youtube channel, and stay updated the moment more of my Japan travels go online!

Photos on Instagram

Oh look! A wild promiscuous deer spotted! The Island Miyajima are full of these gentle and friendly fury friends!

Search for the hashtag of #PepsGoJapan for more (goofy) photos on Instagram!

A Blast From The Past

Hungry for more? You can also head here to check out videos of my previous Japan travels in 2014!


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15 thoughts on “Peps Goh Japan Travels 2016 Overview

  • Sue Tanya Mchorgh

    Japan is definitely one of the places i would love to visit. I really love your pictures and videos.

  • Cia Black

    I think the idea of a Travelogues only helps expand your reach on society. Not everyone wants to read, so a video is another excellent way to reach more people.

  • Ithfifi

    I think travelogues are a fantastic idea! While the process of making these videos takes a lot of hard work the effort is well rewarded, they turned out amazing. I would love to go to Japan one day, its high on my list. Your pictures are beautiful!

    • Peps Goh

      Oh wow, thanks! That’s a surprise! I’m just a beginner in this blogging thing. So thanks for being generous in your comment.

  • Tee

    This trip looks really peaceful. Whenever I consider Japan I think of decluttering my mind and relaxing. I’d love to visit this place one day.

  • Flora_the_Sweaterist

    Travelogues seem like the perfect way to reach a higher number of people. I love your shots! Especially the one with the fog creeping over the water surface. Beautiful!

  • Cindy

    Your “money shot” is fabulous! Looks like that Casio was great to play with! Videos are difficult to make and I bet the travel ones are even more challenging, but as you said, they solidify the trip in your memories.

  • Elizabeth O

    It looks like your travels have been so much fun. The instagram shot of you with the promiscuous deer is so funny!

  • Jennifer Prince

    Ooh! I will have to watch these. I’ve never been to Japan! I love the perspective on your selfies, too. So fun! 🙂

  • Josselyn Radillo

    Japan is definitely one of the places I want to visit soon!! And you had a lot fun that’s great

  • Claire

    Awesome. So interesting to hear that Japan is one of your fav places. I haven’t been but I can’t wait to go!!! Clean streets, interesting people and great food!


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